Molly Bollier


Growing up, my mom was famous among my circle of friends and classmates for her fudge brownies.  They were perfectly moist—with just the right amount of chocolaty goodness—topped with a light dusting of white powdered sugar.

Anytime a sports team or service club from my school would host a bake sale fundraiser, they specifically requested her brownies, which were always the first to sell out. For all those years, my mom withheld her recipe from inquirers, and she made me promise not to tell anyone her secret to perfecting those irresistible, gooey treats.

I created Bake for Your Life in my mom’s honor. After all, she was the one who taught me how to bake and, more importantly, how to fully appreciate a good dessert. As it happens, her secret brownie recipe was made from a boxed mix, although the powered sugar was her unique touch. Back then, the options for packaged mixes were limited.  Most were heavily processed, chemically preserved, and loaded with sugar.

When I became a mom, I was surprised to see those same heavily processed mixes lining the grocery store shelves. I knew that moms today wanted something better, something that still tasted good, and something convenient to make.

So I started Bake For Your Life. We make all-natural, real food baking mixes with no preservatives so you can have delicious, better-for-you treats without the hassle of finding quality ingredients yourself. All mixes can be customized, so make them however you want!

Like my mom, I want to make the joys of cooking, baking (and eating) fun.  That’s what we’re all about.  Real and delicious.